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Red Dragon! Vegan Chinese Delivery

We all have those days when we just want something simple after a long day at work, simple in the way that we aren’t responsible for the cooking and cleaning!  The next time you are having one of those days, consider Red Dragon Restaurant! The Red Dragon has three locations in Spokane (North, Valley & Downtown) so odds are you are within a delivery zone. The best thing about the restaurant is not that it is family and locally owned, but that they actually have a vegan menu! You aren’t limited to the one or two options that many “vegan friendly” establishments in the area offer- but actual choices, spelled out without having to make alterations. I love that! Although currently only the Downtown & North side locations are offering the vegan menu.

The North location is located in Hillyard, don’t let that keep you away or from ordering for delivery. Think of all the eclectic neighborhoods in Portland where you can find amazing vegan cuisine. This location also has weekly deliveries of vegan cupcakes too! Who doesn’t love cupcakes!

So obviously I recently had one of those days that I just didn’t want to cook- I had heard that Red Dragon had a vegan menu so decided to give it a try. My family was not disappointed! The delivery time was a little long, but worth the wait. We tried the Vegan Spring Rolls which came with a sweet chili sauce, the Spinach pot stickers (unique surprise), along with vegan teriyaki stir fried vegatables & vegan crispy teriyaki tofu with brown rice. Surprisingly, the crispy tofu was still crispy and not too mushy upon arrival and the chef was not skimpy on the pineapple.

The vegan muenu has all the usual Chinese food offerings, General’s, Sweet & Sour, Chow Mein, Fried Rice and many more to choose from- I think I will try the Vegan Szechuan Spicy Cabbage next time.  The prices are reasonable and the portions quite large- you will have left overs in the cute little boxes… but not for too long!

Where to Find:

North: 3011 E. Diamond, 483-6700

Downtown: 1406 W Third, 838-6688


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