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Pacific Avenue Pizza in Browne’s Addition

Pacific Avenue Pizza, located in Browne’s Addition is the  ONLY place to find vegan pizza in the Spokane area!  And when I say vegan pizza, I am not talking
about the kind you order without meat and cheese, but one that actually has vegan cheese and vegan meat on it! You can order a real pizza right off the
menu without complicated instructions of what to leave off and then cross your  fingers that the pizza arrives at the table exactly as you ordered.  Amazing!
Pacific Avenue Pizza, also known as Avenue Pizza, is a family friendly restaurant  that actually has more than pizza on the menu along with a pretty unique and fun  pub style environment that fits perfectly in the Browne’s Addition neighborhood.
The outdoor seating looked like it would  be a nice place for an outdoor meal weather permitting, but since it was  snowing out when we visited; it was much too cold to check out!

The restaurant is decorated in a comic book theme, with comic books as part of  the menu as well as adorning the walls. There are also plenty of 80’s albums and pop icon posters throughout to  keep you entertained while waiting for your dinner.   To  keep young ones happy, the kid’s meal also has a comic book theme and is served  on a comic book super hero plate.

It isn’t enough to know you can order a vegan pizza at
Pacific Avenue Pizza- the real question is, how does the pizza taste? On a
recent family visit, we tried a couple different pizzas and were more than
satisfied with our choices.  To start the
meal, we ordered garlic bread sticks.

The vegan variety of the garlic breadsticks are made with vegan pizza dough and a generous
sprinkling of garlic and spices.  These bread  sticks were not too dense and dipped in the accompanying spicy tomato sauce  disappeared very quickly!  These are a  bargain at $4.00!


Not being able to decide on a pizza to order, we ordered two;  a vegan Pepperoni and a vegan “Dirty Sanchez”.

Neither pizza disappointed!  As  you can see, the pepperoni was generously topped with vegan cheese and lots of  pepperoni.  The sauce was tangy but not so  much as to overpower the zesty pepperoni flavor and it really had a genuine pizza texture.


The “Dirty Sanchez” resembles a taco pizza with its salsa  instead of pizza sauce, black beans, onions, olives, cilantro and vegan cheddar  and vegan mozzarella cheeses. This pizza was quite surprising with an intense flavor!  The crust was cooked well, which is often  difficult to accomplish with a pizza this big and with the amount of toppings  included.  This pizza was as good as it  looks and heated up well for left-over’s too!
The large pizzas at Pacific Avenue Pizza are 16 inches with huge  slices! It’s important to add that although not specifically stated on the  menu, a vegan order is considered a specialty pizza, so the price is $3.00 more  than the listed menu price- but totally worth it!

There is quite a selection of domestic beer and micro brews at Pacific Avenue to accompany your pizza.  On this visit, we tried the vegan friendly
Lost Coast Brewery Tangerine Wheat Ale.    Lost Coast brews this citrus ale with a
combination of wheat and crystal malts, finished with Perle hops and natural
tangerine flavors, making a  refreshing  and light ale that has become a new favorite!


Pacific Avenue Pizza has a menu that is more diverse than
pizza, including many salads and sandwiches.  The service was excellent and the restaurant was clean, this place is a definite must  try!

Pacific Avenue Pizza is located at 2001 W Pacific Ave  Spokane, Washington 99201.

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  • This place sounds really good! Is it new?
    Plus it has Lost Coast beer! Even better! (from my home!)

  • It isn’t new, just not on the regular path. The Lost Coast beer IS new to me, it was the best!

  • Now if only they had a gluten free pizza crust for the vegan pizza. That would be bliss!

    • Don’t they still have a gluten free crust? They did the last time I was there….probably a year ago.

      • Yes, Pacific Avenue Pizza DOES have a Gluten Free crust!

  • Savannah

    The McKenzie River Pizza on Nevada also has vegan crusts, vegan cheese, and vegan meats to go on their pizza! You can also order the cheesy sticks with vegan cheese!

    • McKenzie River does have vegan cheese, but make sure to double check with your server if you go- they have changed brands several times and some do have dairy. They also have gluten free crust!