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Laura Geller Makeup

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I’m one of those people cursed with super sensitive skin, I buy products specifically made for sensitive skin and somehow a few days later my face still looks like Samantha’s from Sex and The City when she got the chemical peel the day of Carrie’s book party. When I find a product that doesn’t make my face breakout, look like I’ve suffered severe burns, or even swell I know it’s a product I’ll love for a long time.

These days all the magazines are raving about face primer. I’ve been a huge fan of eye shadow primer for years now, it really does make your eye shadow last and stay crease free all day so when I heard about face primer I knew I had to find one that worked and wouldn’t ruin my skin. That’s where Laura Geller comes in.  Laura Geller products are vegan and unique because they are baked.  With a variety of primers to choose from you can find your best match a clear one to hide your pores, and make your skin look super smooth or even a tinted one that you can wear alone for days when you are in a hurry and want your skin to look flawless.  I like to use Spackle Tinted Under Makeup Primer in Bronze, it’s great for under my foundation or alone. Never once has it made my face breakout, or cause me discomfort in any way and the best part- it lasts ALL DAY! I absolutely hate looking in the mirror at lunchtime and seeing that all of my makeup has somehow disappeared!

We all know tanning is awful for us, yet who doesn’t like they way they look when tan and glowing?! That’s where the Laura Geller bronzers come in. They look natural, and magically match your skin tone. I use my bronzer everyday- even in the winter!

I haven’t had the chance to try all Laura Geller products yet, but so far so good! They are long lasting, cruelty free, and gentle on sensitive skin!

For more information check out the Laura Geller website.

Locally Laura Geller products can be purchased at Ulta (Northtown Square- 4727 N Division Street). You can also order them online. QVC, Laura Geller, Macys, and several other sites.

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  • Ah! I have been looking at the Spackle face primer! Maybe I’ll have to buy it now!

    • You’d really like it. It’s very lightweight, and does give you a nice healthy glow which is perfect for winter with no chance of sun!